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Matt Lahr

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Matt is a bartender by trade, but it's his application of skills amassed in other fields that make him a special one.  With a background in Public Relations and several years experience in the professional circuit, he has a unique approach to slinging drinks that make him a popular and successful bartender in the Lafayette nightlife scene.   He knows that the bar is really more of a stage, and being a barkeep that makes an impression is just as much reliant upon being an entertainer as it is reliant upon being a mixologist, and he excels in both.   He's been spotted serving up libations at The Bulldog, Charity Case, and Antlers Seafood & Steakhouse (where he took the 2017 Clash of the Cocktails Judge's Choice Award), and can currently be found behind the bar at the Greenroom in downtown Lafayette.  

With a combination of passion and experience, he's exciting about passing on the title of Judge's Champion.

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